Welcome to the Joy School Curriculum Company

excitedDo you love to work with children? Would you like to make some extra money?

Have you thought about starting your own preschool but haven’t quite known where to start?

Would you like to enhance the curriculum at your existing preschool with the internationally-acclaimed Joy School Curriculum?

Do you want to offer meaningful thematic units and fun music that teaches children social skills, values and pre-academic skills?

If so, you’re in the right place!

We work in partnership with Valuesparenting.com to help you create:

  • A Brand New Joy School: We provide start-up materials, instructions, complete lesson plans (including music CDs), and support to help you create your own high-quality preschool (in-home preschool or stand-alone preschool). By running a Joy School you will be able to use your talents to make a real difference in your community while also making extra money.
  • A Joy-School Enhanced Preschool: We provide complete lesson plans, accompanying music CDs and support for those who’d like to add the exciting Joy School curriculum to an existing preschool program

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After reading through the information offered on this website, please contact us with any additional questions at saren@joyschoolco.com.