2. What are Joy School Operators saying?

“I did a Joy School with each of my 4 older children and loved the curriculum but I couldn’t find a group to do Joy School for my fifth little guy. Everyone wanted to send their kids to a preschool. I was going to do the same – but my husband said ‘Joy school has been the best thing for our kids – please just do it one more time!” So I kept trying – and after showing the curriculum to several other mothers, they were really excited about it, but didn’t feel confident in their teaching abilities and asked me if I could just be the teacher and they’d pay me. I was so glad when I found that I could do Joy School this way. Now I’ve got a nice little group of 5 kids and I’m making a little extra money while giving my son exactly the preschool experience I want him to have.”

“I was doing day care for one little girl 8 hours a day 5 days a week to make extra money. It occurred to me that I might be able to make as much money in less hours if I ran my own little preschool and I was so excited when I found this option! I did Joy School co-ops with my older kids and loved the curriculum so I searched the web to see if there was a way to do Joy School as a preschool instead of a co-op. I love being able to use a curriculum I know and trust and provide a really good program for other families around here – plus make extra money while teaching my own little boy and others. It really only takes me about a ½ hour to prepare each lesson and I’m having so much fun with my little group!  I’m making more money than I did with day care and Joy School disrupts my family life much less than having other people’s kids around all the time.”

“I’ve been doing a commercial Joy School for years and I’ve always had a waiting list. I run 2 sessions, one Tuesday Thursday morning session, one MWF afternoon session. I have 12 kids in each class and have one parent helper there with me each day. I’ve got all my marked-up lesson plans in a big binder so I just have to glance over the lesson plans each time. I’ve transformed my garage into my own little preschool classroom (and wrote off all the expenses on my taxes!) and we’ve got a great system going here. Joy School keeps me young and since my grandkids live far away, I’m so glad to be able to have all these young people in my life!  I can pretty much plan on one of my present or past students flinging their arms around my legs every time I go to the grocery store.”

“When I first started my Joy School, I only had 4 children enrolled but now in my second year, I have 8. Once the word spread about how great my program was, recruiting was pretty easy. I put an add in the paper each spring and post fliers in the local elementary school and the library – but mostly I get students by word of mouth. When you run a good program at a good price – word spreads! Once parents come see the fun room I have set up in my basement, observe a lesson, and look at the flier I give them about the Joy School philosophy, they’re hooked.”

“I used to be a preschool teacher in a Montessori preschool and then once I had kids who were preschool age, I started a little preschool in my home. It was fine but I felt like I needed some more focus to my curriculum and I wanted help putting together fun and meaningful lessons – I was spending way too long on lesson prep. When I found Joy School, it was perfect. I loved the different “Joys” and so did the parents when I presented the idea to them. I like being able to teach important concepts and social skills to kids in an organized way and it’s so nice to have the lesson plans all set for me.”

“I’ve taught at many different preschools and I was so excited when I finally found the Joy School curriculum. There’s nothing else out there in a preschool curriculum that really teaches little kids so many meaningful things in such a fun way.”

“At first I thought that I could skip all these Joy School fees and come up with my own curriculum for my preschool – but I’m so glad I decided to go with Joy School.  I loved the step-by-step instructions for how to get my program going and the step-by-step instructions for each lesson for the kids.  I would have spent 100’s of extra hours trying to figure things out without the help of Joy School!”

“I was really impressed with the Start-Up Kit provided by the Joy School Company.  It had everything I needed – supply lists, timelines, easy ideas to use the space I have in my small home to create a great ‘preschool’ feeling, ideas for recruiting students – it was all there.  I really liked the registration forms and parent handbook templates provided as well – they covered so many things I don’t think I would have thought of on my own.”

“I like the support I get.  I send off an email to Saren and she gets back to me personally within a day or so.  She listens to my ideas and appreciates my input.”