10. What are the benefits of running a Joy School versus just making up my own curriculum?

three-kidsYou get to use the Joy School name.  Joy School has been around for over 30 years now and over 250,000 children have participated in a Joy School program. Joy School is a well-respected name and the curriculum has been tried and tested by thousands of satisfied families.  By attaching the Joy School name to your program, it will probably be easier for you to recruit participants for your preschool.

You get a tried and true curriculum that teaches children important social skills and values that will help them become successful and happy people.  You get to lead children through a series of themes backed by fun stories, songs and crafts that help reinforce positive ideas and skills.

You get start-up materials so that you don’t have to figure out what forms you need on your own or spend time creating registration forms, recruitment fliers, brochures about your program, etc. Click here to see information on the Start-Up Kit we provide.

You get a full set of lesson plans, spelling out everything you need to do to prepare and present each lesson.  Without prepared lesson plans, you would have to spend countless hours researching and preparing your own crafts, stories, songs, etc.  With the Joy School curriculum, it only takes an experienced teacher about a half an hour to prepare each lesson.

You get support.  You can access the Joy School Company website for new ideas any time and you can contact us for advice and help whenever you need it.  You become part of a network of professional Joy School operators who share ideas and learn from each other.