4. What does the Joy School Company provide?

The Joy School Company provides everything that you need to start up and run an effective Joy School in your home or in a traditional preschool setting. We provide:

  • A full set of registration forms, a parent handbook, and recruitment materials that you can personalize and use to market your program and get started
  • Suggested supply lists and templates for making the items you’ll use again and again in your Joy School
  • Overall instructions and tips for running an effective program
  • Ideas for using existing space in your home to create effective Joy School areas
  • Introductions to every Joy that offer training and guidance
  • Lesson plans offering simple instructions for great crafts, activities, stories, snack ideas, professionally-recorded music, visual aids, templates, and everything else involved in the lessons
  • Parent materials: The parents/family of every child in Joy School will have access to the introduction for each Joy plus access to all the music so they can reinforce what their child is learning at Joy School in their homes
  • Ongoing support to help you with problems that arise