6. What sort of space do I need to run a Joy School in my home?

We suggest that in-home Joy School teachers have a large enough home so that they can set up a dedicated area for their Joy School (a spare bedroom, basement area, converted garage, etc.).

It can work to set up and take down Joy School materials every time you do Joy School, but it’s easier and gives more of a sense of a “real” preschool experience to the children if you are able to dedicate one room or area to Joy School. In this area, you’ll need space for a rug or circle time mat for children to sit on and wall space for hanging the Joy School calendar, weather chart and other materials.  You can make your “Joy School room” very welcoming and cheerful with inexpensive posters, a chalkboard or dry-erase board, etc. You’ll probably also want to use other areas of your house.

Many Joy School teachers use their kitchen table for art projects and snack, use a couch for story time, use a child’s room or play room for free play time and a backyard for outdoor time.