14. Who Runs the Joy School Company?

cropped familyJared and Saren Loosli run the Joy School Company.

Saren is the daughter of Richard and Linda Eyre, best-selling authors of parenting books (including Teaching your Children Joy upon which Joy School is founded) and founders of Homebase and the original Joy School co-ops. Saren did her Masters degree in Education at Harvard University, focusing on curriculum development with a focus on character education and social skills development. She ran a company in Boston providing educational character-based programs for schools and went on to develop and conduct training conferences across the country for people working in schools, preschools and after school programs. She now co-directs the website, Power of Moms, which provides resources for moms and partners with The Joy School Company in providing the Joy School curriculum to Joy School-based preschools.

Jared is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and has worked in marketing for the last 6 years. He is an excellent web designer and has lots of experience with website marketing.

Most importantly, Saren and Jared have practical experience thanks to their five children (all proud Joy School graduates).

A word from Saren and Jared:

Our vision is that in a few years, we’ll see Joy School-based preschools all over the place. Our goal is to help motivated and educated stay-at-home mothers make extra income in a meaningful way as they provide a wonderful program to other families around them. We’ve done a lot of research on the many preschool approaches out there, have seen the wonderful things that Joy School has instilled in our own children, and have seen the way Joy School has enriched the lives of so many other families. We firmly believe that there is no better curriculum than the Joy School curriculum. For the sake of our own children and of the many other children out there who could benefit from Joy School, our goal is to continually improve Joy School materials and expand the reach of the Joy School curriculum.