Cost of Starting Up a Joy School


Start-Up and Application Fee:  We charge you a one-time application and start-up fee of only $200 (or $100 if you are a pre-existing preschool). This provides you with the our start-up manual of instructions, registration forms for your students, a parent handbook template, advertising and marketing materials, etc. Click here to see what’s included in the Start-Up Kit.

Lesson Plan Access Fee: You’ll need to pay a one-time fee of $150 for your lifetime online access to the Joy School lesson plans, music and materials.


You’ll need to pay for a one-time lifetime Joy School Family Membership for each family enrolled in your program. They’ll pay you $50 for this membership and you will then pay us. Their Family Membership provides them with access to the Parent Introduction to each Joy as well as all the music used in Joy School so that they can understand and reinforce what their child is learning in Joy School.

A form for you to use to inform parents about the $50 fee that must be paid for their Joy School Family Membership is included  in the registration form package that comes with your start-up kit.