Our Mission

Our Mission is threefold:

  • crownsTo offer the benefits of the Joy School Curriculum to more children and families through promoting and supporting “commercial” or “€œfor-profit”€ Joy Schools (Learn more about our fabulous curriculum by clicking here.)
  • To help moms use their education and abilities to make a difference in their community and make extra money by running their own in-home Joy Schools
  • To help preschools enhance their curriculum through adding the acclaimed Joy School themes and approach

Our company works in partnership with ValuesParenting.com which administers all the co-op (do-it-yourself) Joy Schools.

Please click on “Start a Joy School” above or “Questions and Answers” on the left to find out about the services we offer and what you would need to do to start your own Joy School.

If you’re ready to get going, please see our application and instructions.

Thanks for your interest!

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