Quotes about Joy School

From Joy School Operators:

“I’ve taught at many different preschools and I was so excited when I finally found the Joy School curriculum. There’s nothing else out there in a preschool curriculum that really teaches little kids so many meaningful things in such a fun way.”

From Parents:

“I went to Joy School when I was little and I still remember a lot! I especially loved the unit on Spontaneous Delight and remember when the teacher let the air popper pop popcorn all over the room while we danced around in glee. It was so good for me to see that there’s a time and a place for doing fun, silly things. And I’ll never forget the time we went to sing to some elderly disabled people during the unit on Sharing and Service. Our teacher prepared us well and we were so excited to see the smiles on the faces of those sweet “grandmas and grandpas”!”

“I was a pretty shy little kid and was so scared to start Joy School. But the small group setting and curriculum of Joy School was perfect for me. I gained a lot of confidence as my teacher helped me feel special and as I got comfortable with the other kids. My favorite unit was on the Joy of Being Myself (formerly called the Joy of Individual Confidence and Uniqueness). I still have the “All About Me” book that I made in that unit and I love showing it to my kids.”

“The other day I overheard my son singing a Joy School song – ‘When a thing is hard to do, I don’t sit and cry, I just make a happy face and try, try, try…’ I went in there and saw him working away on getting his boots on. He usually gets so easily frustrated when he can’t do something right away. This unit on trying is certainly helping him!”

“I love that Joy School keeps the parents involved. The parent meetings are always fun and informative and I love that my daughter brings home a CD with all the songs for each unit so we can listen to it all the time. Every Joy School day, my daughter brings home a note saying what she did that day and that’s very helpful. At her old preschool, I was always asking her what she did that day and she couldn’t remember most of the time so I felt pretty out-of-the-loop.

When I decided to fork over the cash to put my son in preschool, I decided I wanted a program that would have a real curriculum and I like to know what specific things he’s going to be learning. The Joy School program fit our needs perfectly. I don’t want him just playing around with other kids in a supervised setting – that’s fine, but I can do that with an informal neighborhood playgroup. If I’m paying for preschool, Joy School is the very thing I want my child doing.

From a Kindergarten teacher:

When I get my new students each fall, I can always tell right away which ones are Joy School graduates. They come to school confident, good at making friends, and ready to learn. I have some students who come already reading or way ahead on math which is fine, but not necessary. The social skills that the Joy School kids have really help them do well in my class. And they all know their letters and numbers and all that as well.