Joy School Franchise Agreement

  1. I understand that The Joy School Company has agreed to supply my Joy School with:
    • The Joy School Start-Up Kit: includes materials for advertising, suggested supply lists, templates for visuals you use throughout the year, a parent handbook, forms for registration including child information forms, emergency contact forms, liability waiver forms, etc. (see “Start-Up Kit Table of Contents” later in this packet for more information)
    • Lesson plans via the website: detailed instructions and ideas for crafts, stories and activities for two sessions of Joy School a week for every year that I pay my franchise fee
    • Music CD’s for myself (the teacher) with all the songs involved in the lesson plans
    • Music CDs for each family involved in my program if I opt to purchase CDs for students or if families opt to purchase the CDs for themselves (10 CDs for the year to go with each Joy)
    • Access to the Joy School Company website and blog where I can network with other Joy School operators and advertise my program
    • Ongoing support and ideas for running my Joy School via email
  2.  As payment for the above materials and services I agree to pay:
    • $150.00 for my one-time start-up fee (covers my lifetime membership to and my start-up kit as explained above. If I’ve already paid my $50 lifetime membership fee to Homebase or to, I will provide my membership number and pay only $100 for the start-up kit).
    • $145/year for my franchise fee for the first 2 school years that I operate a Joy School (covers my right to use the Joy School name and use lesson plans, CDs and other materials; entitles me to support and ideas via the Joy School Company website and emails). After my first 2 years of running a Joy School, I understand that my franchise fee will be decreased to $120/year from the third year forward.
  3. I agree to pay the following fees per students/family (I understand that parents are usually charged these fees as part of the Registration Fee they pay when their child enrolls):
    • Dues/CD fees per student. Dues give children the legal right to participate in a membership-only program like Joy School. If I opt to purchase CDs for all of my students, the Dues/CD fee is bundled and discounted. If I do not wish to purchase CDs for my students, I understand that I can pay “no-CD dues,” but that I should still offer parents the option of purchasing the music CDs (using the forms provided). (See Price Sheet for different levels of pricing based on number of students enrolled).
    • Lifetime memberships to if parents want them. I agree to encourage all parents of children enrolled in my program to purchase a lifetime membership to so that they can enhance what their child learns at Joy School with the rich resources there. I understand that the regular one-time lifetime membership is $50 but families involved in my group pay a special group rate of $40/each. I will keep $5 from each membership sold as my commission for selling the membership and send $35 per membership to The Joy School Company. I understand that membership forms for parents to fill out are included in the Start-Up Kit.
    • I understand that franchise fees and dues for each school year must be paid before that school year commences and that I should pay for CDs at least 2 weeks in advance of when I’d like to receive them (to allow time for shipping and handling).
  4. I understand that I am responsible for ensuring that I pay dues for every child involved in my program. I know I can charge for dues and CDs and memberships as part of the registration fee students pay when they enroll. If a new child joins my program, I will contact The Joy School Company to determine appropriate dues to pay for the new child. If a child leaves my program, I will not be reimbursed for their dues but I can use their dues for a new child taking their place. I recognize that legally, children and their families cannot participate in the Joy School program unless they have paid their dues. I also recognize that legally, I cannot use the Joy School name or Joy School materials if I have not paid my franchise fee for the current year.
  5. I will ensure that any teachers or regular paid aids in my program are members of
  6. I agree to do everything possible to ensure that parents are fully informed about the Joy School program, recognizing that children get the most out of Joy School when their parents are as actively involved as possible. I will send notes home with children, ensure that parents receive newsletters and CD’s, and hold periodic parent meetings to discuss the curriculum if possible. I will encourage families to visit the website frequently to gain new ideas and get support in their parenting.
  7. I will do everything in my power to run a high-quality Joy School, adhering to the “Joy School Quality Guidelines.” I will carefully prepare lesson plans and build positive relationships with every child and family involved in my school. I understand that The Joy School Company may revoke my franchise if I do not maintain a high quality program. The Joy School name should not be associated with programs that do not meet the “Joy School Quality Guidelines” (listed on a separate document).
  8. I understand that I have the right to use the Joy School name and materials but I am not an official part of The Joy School Company. Therefore, The Joy School Company has no liability with or in connection with my school or program.
  9. I will go to the Joy School Company website/blog frequently to contribute my ideas and offer feedback on lesson plans as well as read the comments and ideas of others who run Joy Schools. I understand that I have the right to contact The Joy School Company for support and ideas whenever I need it.