Start-up Kit Contents

Once you have applied and are accepted as a Joy School operator and have paid your start-up fee, you will be set up for immediate access to the comprehensive instructions and forms you’ll need to run your Joy School.

Here’s what’s included in your start-up kit:

Information on Setting up Running a Successful Joy School

  • Setting appropriate registration fees and tuition prices
  • Determining group size
  • Deciding on criteria for students (age requirements, potty training requirements, etc.)
  • Suggestions on lesson planning
  • Suggested daily schedule
  • Suggested yearly schedule (vacations, order and timing of units)
  • Discipline ideas
  • Ideas for setting up your home (different areas for different things)
  • Suggested supplies
  • Suggested parent orientation meeting agenda
  • Ideas on involving parents and community members
  • Ideas on integrating academic skill-building activities

Ideas for Recruiting Students

  • General recruiting tips and ideas
  • Holding effective Open Houses
  • Sample Flier
  • Sample Newspaper Add
  • Parent Information Sheet/brochure

Registration Forms

  • Child info sheet (“ interests, allergies, special needs, etc.)
  • Emergency contact information
  • Liability waiver
  • Permission forms
  • Sign up sheets for parent volunteers, snacks, etc.

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