How to Get Started

After you’ve carefully read over all the information available on this website and have determined that you’d like to start a Joy School, here’s what you need to do to complete your application:

  1. CLICK HERE to carefully read the “Joy School Quality Guidelines” so that you can check off that you’ve read them and agree to them when completing your application at the end of this page.
  2. Complete the €œRegistration Form for Joy Schools at the bottom of this page.
  3. Upon receiving your application, we let you know within a few days if you’ve been accepted as a Joy School Operator and send you a PayPal invoice for your start-up fees and lesson plan access fee.
  4. You make your start-up payment via PayPal. You pay $200 for your application fee and start-up kit (or $100 if you already have an established preschool and are just adding the Joy School curriculum to your program). You can also pay your $150 lesson plan access fee when paying your start-up fee if you like (you will not have access your lesson plans until you’ve paid this one-time fee).
  5. As soon as we receive your payment, we email you a link that will allow you to set up ongoing access to your Start-Up Kit (to see what’s in the Start-Up Kit, click here). If you’ve chosen to pay your lesson plan fee along with your start-up fee, we’ll also get you all set up for on-line access to the full lesson plans, music and materials.
  6. When you know how many children you’ll be enrolling, you report that number to us and we send you an invoice for the Joy School Family Memberships for each family ($50 each). Then we send you a special link that you will email to all the families in your Joy School so that they can get set up for access to the Introductions to each Joy and all the children’s music (via downloadable mp3’s).  You must send us this number and pay your dues TWO WEEKS before classes begin.
  7. Contact us at any time during this process if you have any questions or concerns at


Joy School Operator Application

Please fill this form out completely before submitting the form.
  • Please include "Joy School" somewhere in the title.
  • Please share the phone number you'd like us to use should we need to reach you. (Mostly we use email but it's good to have a phone number as a back-up!)
  • Please enter the email to which you'd like all Joy School communication sent.
  • Please share a few sentences about what has led you to want to run your own Joy School.
  • While extensive experience or training is not required, solid experience with and understanding of young children is naturally necessary for your Joy School to be successful. Successful Joy Schools are typically run by mothers who've been teachers in various capacities (school, church, preschool, etc.) in the past and who really understand and enjoy young children.
    If you have not done so previously, please use the link in the instructions higher up on this page to access these guidelines and agreement, read them carefully, then check this box when you are in full agreement.

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